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Sri Lanka 50 Rupees 26.3.1979 (#T/14 581302) (lt. circulated) XF-AU

Sri Lanka 50 Rupees 26.3.1979 (#T/14 581302) (lt. circulated) XF-AU
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85.00 ($ 92.65)
50 Rupees 26.3.1979 (Front: Flora & fauna of Sri Lanka: Endemic Nymphalid butterfly, the Ceylon Forester (Lethe dynsate); The red-faced malkoha (Phaenicophaeus pyrrhocephalus), quiet species of a Cuckoo, endemic to Shri Lanka; Makulu gaha tree (Hydnocarpus venenata) with Sun rising from ocean in the background. Back: Flora & fauna of Sri Lanka: The Brown-patched kangaroo lizard, Sri Lankan kangaroo lizard or Wiegmann's agama (Otocryptis wiegmanni); The Sri Lanka spurfowl or Haban kukula (Galloperdix bicalcarata); Mrs. Maccarthy's Dendrobium (English wife of Colonial Ceylon Governor) (Dendrobium maccarthiae); Diya Na, plant that is highly valuable as a medicinal plant and endemic within Sri Lanka (Mesua thwaitesii) with Moon, stars and mountains in the background. Watermark: Gold lion passant, holding a sword. Security features: Watermark. Running serial numbers on the obverse. Embedded 0.5 mm thick metallic security strip. Predominant colour: Light blue. Signatures: Ronnie de Mel (Minister of Finance, 1977-88); Warnasena Rasaputram (Governor of the Central Bank, 15 Feb. 1979 to 18 November 1988). Artist: Laki Senanayake. Issuer: Central Bank of Ceylon. Date of Issue: 26 March 1979. Date of withdrawal: 1982. Legal tender: No. Total emission: Unknown. Material: Cotton paper. Printing method: Intaglio. Printer: Unknown) (Serial # T/14 581302) (lightly circulated) XF-AU

Dimensions: 146 x 73 mm

Catalogue Number: P-87 (SCWPM: Albert Pick; Krause Publications)

Grade/condition: Extremely Fine to About Uncirculated (XF-AU) (lightly circulated, used)

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