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Sudan 5 Pounds March 2015 (CH753297xx) UNC

Sudan 5 Pounds March 2015 (CH753297xx) UNC
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4.00 ($ 4.36)
5 Pounds March 2015 (Theme: Space, construction, science and chemistry. Front: Skyscrapers or radio and TV transmission towers, cosmos satellite, atomic nucleus symbol, chemical scales and flasks. Residential buildings. Back: High voltage electric transmission tower. Hydroelectric dam. Solar panel. Modern wind turbine. CBOS emblem. Lintels with ornamental designs. Watermark: Pigeon (dove) in flight landing; Electrotype '5' in Eastern Arabic numerals. Security thread: Vertical, windowed on the obverse, 2 mm wide metallic security thread, bearing 'CBOS' and '5' in Eastern and Western Arabic numerals and text. Tactile feature: Three groups of triple of horizontal intaglio pins on both left and right edges of the banknote. Main colour: Blue-grey. Artist: Unknown (SCPP). Engraver: No info. Signature: Abdelrahman Hassan Abdelrahman Hashim (Governor, CBOS, 15 December 2013 – 28 December 2016). Issuer: Central Bank of Sudan. Date of issue: March 2015. Material: Cotton fiber paper. Printing method: Intaglio (raised print). Printer: Sudan Currency Printing Press, Khartoum) (Serial Nos: CH753297xx) UNC

Dimensions: 151 x 69 mm


Catalogue Number: P-72c

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)

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