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Switzerland 500 Francs 5.1.1970 (6B 47483) (circulated) ph VF

Switzerland 500 Francs 5.1.1970 (6B 47483) (circulated) ph VF
Product Code:
250.00 ($ 272.50)
500 Francs 5.1.1970 (Front: Effigy of a woman looking into a handheld mirror. Back: "Jungbrunnen" or "Fountain of Youth", a "compressed" reinterpretation of the very detailed and extravagant painting by Lucas Cranach "Der Jungbrunnen". Left to right: Two elderly women with a dog, next to a middle-aged woman, holding on to a neglected tree, stepping into the anti-aging bath, with a young woman, symbolising juvenile freshness, already bathing in it, and another two young women, almost naked, drying and covering themselves up with towels, with a couple rabbits hanging around them and a blossoming Camellia tree symbolizing rejuvenation of the new fertility. Predominant colours: Brown-orange and olive. Artists: Pierre Gauchat (1902-1956). Signatures: Dr. Brenno Galli (Der Präsident des Bankrates); Dr. Edwin Stopper (Ein Mitglied des Direktoriums); Rudolf Aebersold (Der Hauptkassier). First Issued: 14 June 1957. Date of Recall: 1 May 1980. Not Legal Tender from: 1 May 2000. Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited, London) (Serial # 6B 47483) (pinholes) (circulated) VF

Dimensions: 210 x 115 mm


Catalogue Number: P-51h

Grade/condition: Very Fine (VF) (used, circulated, with pinholes)

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