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Italy 2000 Lire 1983 (FA 5268xx Y) UNC

Italy 2000 Lire 1983 (FA 5268xx Y) UNC
Product Code:
19.50 ($ 21.26)
2000 Lire 24.10.1983 (Front: Effigy portrait of Galileo Galilei (1564 - 1642) from the 1636 painting by Justus Giusto Sustermans (1597–1681) in the collection of the Uffizi, Florence. Lampada di Galileo (Galileo's Pendulum Chandelier), at Duomo di Pisa Cathedral basilica. Cathedral basilica (Duomo di Pisa) and the Leaning Tower of Pisa (Torre pendente di Pisa) in Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square) in Pisa, Italy. Winged lion of St. Mark, symbol of Venice above three shields of Genoa, Pisa and Amalfi. Back: A depiction of the landscape of Arcetri and Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory. Galileo's Telescope. A seventeenth century English celestial map depicting planets, constellations and signs of the Zodiac. Watermark: Portrait of Evangelista Torricelli, taken from a painting in a private collection in Florence. Colours: Brown, green on light tan and olive underprint. Drawing: Lazzaro Lazzarini (obverse & reverse). Etching: Trento Cionini (obverse); Volumnio Cerichelli (reverse). Signatures: Carlo Azeglio Ciampi (Governor - Il Governatore); Vittorio Stevani (Cashier - Il Cassiere). Paper: High quality, ivory-coloured with grayish tones, special pulp, watermark, luminous fibrils and a vertical security thread. Issuer: Bank of Italy. Date of Issue: 24 October 1983. Withdrawn: 28 February 2002. Exchanged until: 1 March 2012) (Serial Nos: FA 5268xx Y) UNC

Dimensions: 133 x 65 mm (Front design: 123 x 56 mm; Back design: 122 x 54 mm)


Catalogue Number: P-103c

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint, unhandled)

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