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Solomon Islands 10 Dollars (2011) (C/5 7580xx) UNC

Solomon Islands 10 Dollars (2011) (C/5 7580xx) UNC
Product Code:
6.50 ($ 7.09)
10 Dollars (2011) (Front: Solomon Islands flag on a flag pole. Coat of Arms depicting a crocodile and a shark. Stylised fish and frigate birds. Ceremonial bowl shaped like bird and fish (vessel in the bird's back) called Apira Ni Mwane. Tema - Santa Cruz Island shell pendant kapkap and Dafi - engraved pearl shell gorget with frigate bird overlay from Malaita Island above it, as registration device (security feature). Back: Poata - the Shell Money. Female hole driller using a turtle shell fly wheel to drill holes in shell disks and beads. Watermark: Eagle's head in profile; Electrotype "CBSI"; Reinforced cornerstones. Main colours: Purple and violet. Signatures: Denton Hehenoro Rarawa (Governor); Shadrach Fanega (Finance Secretary). Date of Issue: 2011. Printer: Thomas De La Rue) (Serial Nos: C/5 7580xx) UNC

Dimensions: 149 x 72 mm


Catalogue Number: P-27c

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)

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